How Can I Get Involved?

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

The scope of Habitat's program is wide-ranging, and includes work in fundraising, education, social service, housing construction, lending and participation in Christian mission both locally and worldwide.  The success of this multi-faceted program requires volunteers having many varied interests and skills.  It is carried out through the work of several committees, each being responsible for a specific segment of the total program. 

  • Family Selection Committee – This committee is made of volunteers tasked with finding and selecting those families qualified to be "partner families,” who will become Habitat homeowners.  Working through a selection process, the committee solicits and evaluates written applications, checks credit and other information about applicant families, and conducts home visits and interviews with the families.

The Family Selection Committee is an excellent place for service by a volunteer who enjoys meeting people in the community and who can be both objective and empathetic in the selection process.

  • Family Support Committee -  The volunteers that make up this committeeprovide the important service of assisting and guiding selected partner families through the process of becoming successful homeowners.  Most Habitat partner families have no experience as a homeowner, and many are unskilled in financial and home management.  The committee assists the families both informally through friendly contacts and in more formal classes and activities organized for this purpose.

IMG_1897.JPGBeing friend and helper to a family is the special role of the "family partner," a volunteer who becomes the primary contact between the family and the Habitat organization.  The family partner works closely with the family during construction of the house and for a year or so after the family takes possession.  Serving on this committee as a family partner is an excellent contribution for a volunteer who seeks to assist families in the unfamiliar process of becoming homeowners.

  • Fund-Raising Committee – The volunteers on this committee coordinate the raising of funds needed for Habitat's program.  Approximately $70,000 is needed for each house built.  This amount includes funds for acquiring a lot, building a house, and sending a tithe for the work of Habitat in underdeveloped nations of the world. 

QUAKER 004.jpgThe committee's work includes organizing fund-raising events and seeking donations from individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations.  A donor program called the Friends of Habitat seeks commitments to sustained giving of small and moderate size donations.  Working with the Fund-Raising Committee is an excellent opportunity for a person who has good ideas for fundraising and is willing to meet with potential donors and ask for their support.  We make no apology for challenging our entire community, including the affluent, to support Habitat's mission.

  • Building Committee – RCHFH still operates with an entirely volunteer driven construction program.  The volunteers on Building Committee are responsible for planning and implementing the building or Tues Crew.jpgrenovation of houses.  We develop house plans, order building materials, supervise the construction process, and contract for the service of contractors as needed.

The building of a house is the foremost symbol of Habitat's work, and the building committee puts together the tools, the building materials, the paid professional help, and volunteers of all skill levels to get the job done.  The committee is concerned with work schedules, record keeping, and job safety. Persons who have the skill to serve as crew leaders or to coordinate various aspects of construction are very much needed.  Serving on the building committee is a great contribution for a volunteer who has construction skills or who would like to be involved in this part of Habitat's program.

  • Church Relations Committee -  Church Relations committee develops relationships with churches and encourages them to be in support of Habitat's mission.  Most churches share with us a commitment to assist persons who are disadvantaged by poverty, and churches can provide much of the resource needed for this ministry: 67 Framing Ceremony 026.jpgvolunteer help, finances, visibility in the community, an enriched sense of Christian mission, and even help in locating the potential partner families who need our ministry.
    The committee initiates contacts with churches, makes presentations to churches and church groups, and encourages support of Habitat through the Partners in Faith program.  Volunteers with this committee can expect to be in contact with members and leaders of many churches in our community.
  • Site Selection Committee – The volunteers on this committee seek out and examine potential properties for Habitat ownership.  They report their findings to our Board of Directors.

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